Consultants with IT for chemistry experience

IT has long played a prominent part in chemistry. One gets delivered unprecedented quantity of data that can be gathered and used in numerous ways in the chemistry. However, IT also contain many pitfalls and many questions arise: Which chromatography data system (CDS) should you choose, can it be interfaced with Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) and how about the enterprise resource planning system (ERP). How do they affect each other, how many consulting hours must be spent on installation, how is the license pieced together, and what are the ongoing expenses? A typical answer to all these questions is to create a User Requirement Specification, often several hundred pages, which is then sent to suppliers, who replies with long and complex answers, few understand.

Much, much more can be added to the above. It is therefore important that companies only buy what they need, with the resources they have allocated. Chemistry Consulting has consultants with many years of hands-on experience with purchase, implementation and operation of such systems. In contrast to IT persons, we will provide consultants with competencies in chemistry i.e. we understand the needs of our clients and their technical abilities and will use this to make correct advice for the purchase and implementation of IT systems.

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