Chemistry Consulting starts cooperation with INFRA Technology

We are glad to announce that we have formed a partnership with INFRA Technology to offer Gas to Liquid (GTL) technology in Scandinavia.

INFRA Technology is a global supplier of GTL technology and is based in Moscow and Houston. INFRA Technology has a strong track record on GTL with their 4th. generation Fischer-Tropsch synthesis with much larger yields giving much lower costs.

4th. generation Fischer-Tropsch is a key component for a green change, because we can produce jet fuel, diesel and marine diesel blend ready to use on today´s trucks, planes and ships from CO2 and Hydrogen. Beside being CO2 neutral it is without sulfur and aromatics giving much cleaner emissions meaning much lower particles pollution, NOX and 0 % SOX.


Chemistry Consulting starts cooperation with HEMM-X

Chemistry Consulting has started cooperation with HEMM-X. The cooperation with HEMM-X will bring qualifications within chemical processes and pilot plant processes.

HEMM-X is located in Lübeck which means that Northen Germany including Hamburg, Kiel etc. now is covered by our consultants. 

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