Senior consultants at Chemistry Consulting


Thomas Steenberg

Senior consultant Thomas Steenberg, PhD 

Thomas has +25 years of experience in chemistry and in addition to a very broad approach to chemistry specializes in inorganic chemistry, material development, fuel cells, battery technology and molten salt chemistry.

Senior consultant Martin Hagsted Rasmussen, PhD

Martin has 10 years of experience in chemistry and resides in Lübeck, Germany. Martin therefore primarily covers the North German market. Martin specializes in developing pilot installations, design and construction of process plants, process integration and environmental chemistry.

Søren Primdahl

Senior consultant Søren Primdahl, PhD 

Søren has 25 years of experience in inorganic chemistry with many years of management experience. Besides management, Søren specializes in fuel cells, ceramic processing, electrochemistry, measurements and design of facilities.


Senior consultant Peter Boje, MSc.

Peter has 20 years of experience in chemistry, and is founder and director of Chemistry Consulting. Peter specializes in management, project management, organic chemistry, pharma and food.

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