Development of energy technology

Energy technology is the key to success in any society. Hence Chemistry Consulting has energy technology as focal area to wich we  provide services. Chemistry Consulting can contribute to the development of energy technology especially in the area of the electrochemical. We have extensive experience in developing battery technology and fuel cell technology, such as:

    • Developing batteries
    • Production of batteries
    • Developing electrode materials
    • Power supply to portable consumer electronics
    • Storage of energy 
    • Storage of hydrogen
    • Electrolysis
    • Developing catalysts
    • Development of furnaces

Chemistry Consulting has beside the above mentioned, experience with general product development which gives clients in the field of energy technology a short cut to project completion. In the field of energy technology Chemistry Consulting have their own facilities thus making it possible to outsource the entire development project without affecting the operation in terms of laboratory facilities, personnel or equipment

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