Consultants with expertise in chemical analysis development

Chemical analysis development is the key to a fast and LEAN production. Often, older slow and imprecise analytical methods may provide a sluggish production of varying quality. In regulated industries it can go completely wrong as the authorities can close production facilities, if there is no track of release assays. Chemistry Consulting offers chemical analysis development to ensure your company gets:

  • shorter response time
  • More accurate answers
  • High quality analysis

Our expertise reaches into many corners of analytical chemistry, but especially we have extensive expertise in:

  • Method development, especially HPLC
  • Optimization of existing methods
  • Optimization of software-based workflow
  • qualification and validation of analytical equipment
  • Training of employees in analysis technologies, GMP, troubleshooting etc.

Many companies often have problems with the selection and implementation of new analytical equipment, possibly with a technology not previously used. In this case we can provide a complete process in which we first identify the appropriate analytical methods, checks the market for suitable analytical equipment, ensure acquisition, installation, method development, qualification of equipment and subsequent training. This gives the customer the shortest possible startup time since our people can work full time on the task until it is resolved.

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